Curious about ways to support the studio?

Let's be honest... Crafting can be expensive! Trust us we know.
But this community has been so amazing and gracious to us over the years and because of that we have been able to continue on and make it possible for so many crafters and future artists to be inspired 

If you would like to directly donate funds to our programs please use this button

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Is there anything I should not donate?
From past experience, here is a list of items the studio can't use:

Glass Items
Items that are stained/soiled
Dried Paints
Old Batteries
Razor Blades
Dried out markers
Can I Bri ng In a Donation?
Of course and we would love to use whatever treasures you bring us!​
 Here is a list of items the studio always can use:​​​
Markers       Erasers
Glue (Sticks, Paste and Mini Hot Glue)
Washable Paint        Brushes
Sharpies           Stickers
Wooden Craft Sticks
PomPoms        Feathers
Paper Plates (Any color, size or pattern)
Pipe Cleaners       Scissors
Tape (Scotch and Duct Tape)
Unopened Playdough/ Playdough Toys
What if I live too far away or want to make a more personalized donation?

There is always the option to choose from our wishlist on Amazon. We try to keep costs low for our artists and sometimes that means we sacrifice splurging on the things we wish we could have at the studio.  If you would like to contribute to future projects by donating something off of our wishlist we would be ridiculously greatful!

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