Meet Our Artists!

Each of our artists bring their own unique style, experience and teaching  style to our wonderful team and you can read more about them below! Please let us know at the time of your party reservation if you would like to special request an artist!
 Mahssa Hashemi
 Paint/ Art History Instructor
Mahssa has spent most of her life in pursuit of art. She graduated with a Bachelors in fine arts of teaching in Texas and followed that up with a Masters in teaching and fine arts from Willamette University. After settling herself here in Salem Oregon with her daughter and husband she saw a need for an art studio that was welcoming to all. After Young At Art first started at its Keizer location business was great and her dreams were coming true. Later an opportunity fell in our laps to move to a larger location on Broadway and due to the high demand we have seen we were even able to expand upon our space! 
"I wanted to create a place where I would take my own daughter"
Claudia Earl
Painting/Craft/Art History Instructor
Claudia has been drawing and painting since she was able to hold a pencil and a brush.
A visit to the Art Museum at the Age of 8 inspired her passion for Art. She was born and raised in switzerland where she earned a bachelors degree in Fashion Design.
After Graduating she traveled by herself through several countries in Europe, and her many visits to Art Galleries, Museums and famous Landmarks stimulated her Paint style  and encouraged her to expand her artistic abilities. Upon her Return to switzerland, claudia pursued a second career as a child care provider and tutor for French and English language. She was invited to expand her English language skills as a exchange student abroad. After a year of studying, Claudia decided to make the US her permanent Home. Her ever growing love and passion for art inspired her to start her own business. As the owner of cherry city designs, claudia is able to provide artistic services such as custom painted canvas art, mixed media art, murals and refurbishing furniture.
Of course all this is happening in her 'spare' time, when she is not enjoying her work at Young at Art, combining her passions of art, teaching and encouraging young ( and young at heart ) artists.
Branislava Backer
Director/ Curator/ Instructor
Branka has been drawing and painting for 20 years. She began her career doing local art shows and graduated to over 15 national gallery shows. She has a fine arts degree from Fayetteville Technical Community College where she graduated with honors and also worked as a personal assistant to the Chair of the Fine Arts Department. Branka has worked in several parts of the country as a painting instructor for paint and wine classes as well as for community colleges, and senior centers. After all her experience she now finds her self here in Salem, Oregon with her husband and her two children.
 Britni Pitochelli
 Painting Instructor

      My name is Britni and I am one of the instructors at Young At Art!      When I am not working in the      studio on paintings, I am out    somewhere enjoying the weather with loved ones! I come from a big,    loud family so I understand how           exciting it can get when you have      a large group of friends/family             together. I am passionate about        setting people up to simply enjoy          themselves and each other!

Paige Balvage
Painting/Craft/Art History Instructor
Paige has been painting for the last 16 years and is mostly self taught. Beyond painting she also works with a wide range of other mediums including: ceramics/pottery, drawing, polymer clay, and intricate crafting. She also has a degree in Pastry and Baking from Le Cordon Bleu, and she is currently working on her teaching degree. Paige also spends her time outside of work and school volunteering with a local animal shelter.